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NEW BOOK, AUGUST 2006: Alexandra Robbins' most gripping and important work to date... the critically acclaimed must-read book hailed by publications including The New York Times and People Magazine: THE OVERACHIEVERS: THE SECRET LIVES OF DRIVEN KIDS

From New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Robbins

Based on interviews with more than 100 Bonesmen

An Exposé of President George W. Bush's Secret Society

Secrets of the Tomb

"Alex Robbins, a bold new voice and a superb reporter with an eye for the good story, has turned her attention to another fascinating tale. The secret societies at Yale have walls of confidentiality as hard to breach as those of the CIA - and none more so than Skull and Bones. She managed to break through and, with wit and energy, shows us what happens when friendship and power meet."

-E. J. Dionne Jr., syndicated columnist and author of Why Americans Hate Politics

"This is a vivid insider's account of the archetype of an old boys' club - whose members take care of each other in ways, sometimes benignly, sometimes less so, we outsiders aren't allowed to see. There may be more to some accidents of history - who ended up working for whom and where-than we'll ever know."

-Seymour Hersh, author of The Dark Side of Camelot